Powerful Personal Finance Software

There are several personal finance software I know but here is a list of factors I have discovered that make the GPS personal finance software the most outstanding one. This software offers four modules that basically answers the major areas that influence your personal finance status.

“THE BIG PICTURE”. This module answers questions such as:

* How much long your money will last?
* Will you run out of money before running out of life?
* Can you really afford to retire?

All these questions and more are professionally answered for you before you can make your decision on personal finance.

“THE GAP ANALYSIS” is the second powerful module that helps you understand your spending habits so you can put your retirement plan in place by closing your financial gap and moving closer to security.

“REPORTS” is the third module to help you point in the right direction. I really benefited from this because I could keep track of my records. This personal finance software keeps daily transactions, reconciliations, etc., in one place. I have found this personal finance software user friendly since anyone can manage it without any special experience required.

“DEPT MANAGER” is another useful tactic that gives you the ability to prioritize debt and establish pay off tactics. In addition, you will be able to identify any surplus dollars in your budget that are available.

I recommend this Personal Finance software because it can work with any financial situation that you may have.The simple set up will allow you to categorize and track expenses, organize debt, build budgets, identify net worth, create a retirement savings plan, etc. Whether you are just getting started on your career path or are close to retirement, Financial GPS is made for you!

This Personal finance Software comes with extra FREE Bonuses such as

* FREE Customer Support
* FREE LIVE Classroom Training
* FREE Video Tutorial Training
* FREE Subscription to “Your Future” Newsletter
* FREE Exclusive E-Book Entitled “Principles for Prosperity” (This e-book is jam packed with topics such as various Beliefs on Money, Financial Tracking, Net Worth, Cash Flow Management, Budgets, Debt Assessment, Debt Reduction, and more! )

I have also included information on system requirements for this software below:

System Requirements:

– Microsoft Windows 2000 with Service Pack4
– Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
– Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2
– Microsoft Windows Vista

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
– CPU: Pentium II or Higher
– RAM: 128 MB
– Hard Disk Free Space: 450 MB